16 February – 5 March 2019


Major events:
17 February 2019: Festa Veneziana on the water (Rio di Cannareggio);
23 February 2019: Festa delle Marie: the Parade (via Garibaldi);
24 February 2019: +++ FLIGHT OF THE ANGEL +++ (Piazza San Marco);
3 March 2019: The Eagle’s flight (Piazza San Marco);
3 March 2019: Best Mask Contest: final day (Piazza San Marco);
4 March 2019: Best Mask Contest-children edition (Piazza San Marco);
5 March 2019: Maria del Carnevale award ceremony (Piazza San Marco);
5 March 2019: The ‘Svolo del Leon’ (Piazza San Marco).

Click here for the complete calendar of 2019 Venice Carnival.


7 April 2019

Su e Zo per i Ponti 2019
‘Su e Zo per i Ponti’ (‘Up and Down the Bridges’ walk) is a spring event that involves thousands of people in a walk for solidarity around Venice alleys.


11 May – 24 November 2019

58th International Art Exhibition (Giardini della Biennale / Arsenale Exhibition Spaces).


1-2 June 2019

Festa della Sensa 2019 in Venice.
The Festa della Sensa is one of the city’s best known festivals that bring to life its thousand year history and its close ties to the sea and the art of ‘Voga alla Veneta’ rowing.


9 June 2019

Vogalonga 2019.
45th edition of the traditional rowing boat regatta attended by thousands of rowers from all over the world. The racecourse is scenic route 30 kilometers long along the various Venetian canals and historical buildings.


June-July 2019

Concerts in Piazza San Marco (TBD).
Every summer the most evocative square in the world hosts great concerts of italian and international artists. A few years ago, on the occasion of the Simple Minds concert, the singer Jim Kerr reached our B & B to greet his friend Nicola, owner of Oceano Mare.


20-21 July 2019

The Redentore Feast 2019 in Venice.
With fireworks display in St Mark’s Basin (day 20) and Redentore regattas on the Giudecca Canal (day 21).


28 August – 7 September 2019

76th International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art (Venice Lido).


1 September 2019

Historical Regatta 2019.
The most important event of the annual calendar of venetian style rowing competitions, will be held the traditional and famous historical parade along the Grand Canal.


27 October 2019

Venice Marathon 2019.
34th edition of the race on the olympic distance of 42.195 Km that starts from Villa Pisani, in Stra, and arrives in the historic center of Venice, on the quay called Riva Sette Martiri, after passing through the most characteristic points of the city.